AirForce TalonBolt Air Rifle- THE ULTIMATE AIR BOW!

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The AirForce TalonBolt PCP Air Rifle provides a lightweight and capable bolt-shooting airgun built using the successful Talon platform. Reaching velocities up to 425 FPS and power up to 180 FPE, it delivers superior hunting performance, and the fill pressure of only 2000 PSI makes it easy to fill.

This arrow air rifle uses special carbon fiber bolts that feature dual shatter-resistant impact guards and a heavy-duty carbon fiber weave construction that results in additional durability compared to competing airgun bolts. The bolts also utilize high-visibility markings and vanes that glow in the dark, as well as a HitMarker™ band that aids in determining where and how the bolt hit the intended target.

The AirForce TalonBolt Air Rifle uses the Ring-Loc™ valve system to allow shooters to change the shot power and velocity, with a valve for maximum power and a valve for increased shot count included with the arrow rifle. This system facilitates increased accuracy when shooting broadheads and makes it possible to use for bowfishing, and compatibility with the Ring-Loc™ system means further fine-tuning is possible with additional accessories.

To aid the accuracy of each shot, this arrow rifle includes an extended 11mm dovetail optics rail to enable the addition of open sights, scopes, and other optics. For added comfort and control, the ridged rubber butt plate has the ability to rotate to the right and left to give the shooter the optimal shooting position.

To get a powerful and versatile air rifle that shoots bolts and has adjustable and convenient features for hunting accuracy.


AirForce TalonBolt PCP Air Rifle

  • Bolt-action

  • Precharged pneumatic

  • Ring-Loc™ valve system for user-adjustable power

  • 490cc air cylinder

  • 2000 PSI fill pressure

  • Max. velocity: 425 FPS

  • Max. energy: 180 FPE

  • .180 Ring-Loc™ orifice: approx. 350 FPS, up to 15 shots per fill

  • .232 Ring-Loc™ orifice: up to 10 total shots per fill (4 at over 400 FPS)

  • Two-stage position-adjustable trigger

  • Textured AR-compatible pistol grip

  • 11mm dovetail optics rail

  • Butt plate rotates left and right

  • Barrel length: 26"

  • Overall length: 40"

  • Weight: 5.3 lbs.

  • Includes three 300-grain airgun bolts w/ 100-grain field points

  • Made in the USA