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The KME Precision Knife Sharpening System comes in a large hard case that is big enough to accommodate the base and as many accessory stones as you want to add. 


The cases are lined with soft foam in both the base and lid to protect your sharpener and accessories. An additional layer of stiffer foam has cut-outs for the stone carrier, stones, and oil or water bottles and holds everything securely in place when the lid is closed. 


As you acquire additional accessory stones you can easily customize your kit by simply enlarging the cut-outs to fit more stones… all you need is a sharp knife!

4-Hone KME Precision Knife Sharpening Kit Includes:


• 1- KME Knife Sharpening System Jig


• 1- Large Hardshell Case


• 1- KME Gold Series X-Coarse Hone - 140 grit


• 1- KME Gold Series Coarse Hone - 300 grit


• 1- KME Gold Series Fine Hone - 600 Grit


• 1- KME Gold Series Extra Fine Hone - 1500 grit


• 1- 1oz Water Bottle


• 1- 12 x 12 Cotton Cleaning Cloth


• 1- Detailed Instructions


360 Degree rotational Clamp with 2 Horizontal Stops: 

Just grab the knife handle and rotate it 180 degrees 

to sharpen both sides of the blade.


Just One Large Hand Knob Clamps the Blade:

No more adjusting the clamp for blade thickness with 

one screw, then clamping with a separate thumb nut


Neoprene Padded Jaws:

Clamp will not scratch or mar the blade.


Two Knife Positioning Reference Lines on the Jaw:

Insures repeatable sharpening angle for individual 



Jaws Open on Demand


Revolutionary Spherical Bearing Rod Guide:

Maintains absolute zero deviation from selected 

sharpening angle at all times, while providing 

excellent range of silky smooth motion


Infinitely Adjustable Sharpening Angle - 17 to 30 Degrees:

Main frame is engraved with angle scale in single

degree increments. Loosen thumb nut to raise or 

lower the bearing assembly to any desired sharpening 



KME Knife Sharpening System:


360 Degree rotational Clamp with 2 Horizontal Stops:

Just grab the knife handle and rotate it 180 degrees to sharpen both sides of