Yost Pro-Tab Lite - Cordovan Face Right Hand

Yost Pro-Tab Lite - Cordovan Face Right Hand

Product code: stprtbltcrdvfcrghthnd-109749


In Store Price: £26.99


Category: Yost Archery Products


Dispatch time: 3-10 days

We believe that this is the finest and most versatile tab made to date with many innovations and features not found anywhere else. Tabs are Made in the USA.




High-Impact Plastic

Very Comfortable Shape that Accommodates Many Hand Sizes

Humanely Sourced Cordovan Leather Face

Comfortable Suede Backing 

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Elastic Paracord

Super Strong Cord Lock



The modular construction allows for years of abuse and tons of combinations for you to achieve a perfect fit




* Made in the USA

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