Archer's Shot Saver- The only excersizer that teaches you correct form as well.

Archer's Shot Saver- The only excersizer that teaches you correct form as well.

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Tags: archery excerzier, strenght builder, correct form

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Never freeze up on the draw again. Silently and quickly warm up the muscles you use every time you fire your bow. Whether at the range, in the tree stand,  or anywhere else you take your bow, bring the Archer's Shot Saver along to make sure you don't miss your chance. Works in all weather conditions and fits easily into your pocket.




We built this to last! Made of top quality USA latex resistance tubing with solid aluminum formed inserts on each end. Feels like a bow in your hand. Resistance at the wall is just the right amount to stretch and warm your archery muscles, ligaments, and tendons. 




Easy to use. Just draw like your bow.


Eliminate dry fire damage risk


Compact, lightweight, easy to carry


Pulls at either approximately 32, 27, or 22 pounds with no let off


If you draw: 35 lbs or less order the 22 lb version


If you draw: 35-50  lbs order the 27 lb version


If you draw: 50 lbs or more order the 32 lb version


Keeps muscles warm and ready


Rigid aluminum ergonomically engineered handles


Warm up before practicing or stay warm during hunting


99.9% protein free natural latex tubing


Made in the USA


Remember to read the instructions on your Archer's Shot Saver before use!


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